SoCal Futbol Tournament - 2014

Starts on 2014-09-05 and ends on 2014-09-06

Hello futbol fans. We are happy to announce the the futbol festival doesn't end on July 13.

Our upcoming tournament in SoCal will give you the opportunity to experience the world cup for yourself. Join us for another set of breath taking games while we make life count for many others around the world.

Date: Sept 5/6
Location: Biola University
Men's: 8 vs. 8
Women's: 8 vs. 8
Volleyball: 4 vs. 4 (min. one girl on the field)
Registration Deadline: Aug. 29, 2014

Participation fee:
- Men's $650/team
- Women's $450/team
- Volleyball $150/team

Men's League - Ionut Ap (714-423-5171)

Women's League - Justine Prata (714-588-9590)

Volleyball League - David Dobrin (847-736-7534)


Step 1: visit (no "www" in front of the domain name
Stept 2: Sign Up (or sign in if your team already has an account)
Step 3: Update your Team Roster
Step 4: Choose your competition
Step 5: Pay $100 deposit online for soccer teams and $50 deposit for volleyball.

Now it's your turn.

Address: Biola University

Groups - TBA

Schedule - TBA