The Challenger - U12/U10

Starts on 2014-11-22 and ends on 2014-11-23

Join us for our first ever kids tournament.

Soccer, or futbol as we like to call it, is the one sport that can teach your children to be brave, to work hard, to be part of a team and succeed trough life's challenges.

Our event is set up for U12/U10 Teams and it will be played in the 6 vs. 6 format according to the strategy that big clubs use for develop youth soccer.

Date: Sept 13, 2014
Place: Ultimate Soccer Arenas
Format: 6 vs 6
Participation fee: $300/team

Sign Up a team online:

For more info. please contact us:
Johnny: 714-423-5171

Give poverty a kick!

Address: Ultimate Soccer Arena

Groups - TBA

Schedule - TBA